Weep for the women

written 25/11/94


It is dark somewhere in the World, right now.
The ghouls are leaving their crypt,
Vampires are flying, and, out there,
Someone screams in fright.
That kind of man; with the gun, knife, fist,
He's at it again.

She cowers in a corner, held by the shadows,
and cannot find any of the words to
change it.
He knows what to do, she knows what is
and through it all there is this humming.

Whip in hand he delivers the blow and,
in an instant,
removes the life she has known.
No turning back now, it is done,but not over.
To leave, to gloat, or kill her ?
In the background she hears a humming.

Far away, in civilised times,
the men in their pinstripes sit and decline,
to take a stance, show some order,
to command and control these creatures
called Soldier.

It's always the same, wherever there's war.
The strong come and violate the weak and the poor.
It's time to fight it.
Let's bring it to an end.
It's time to square the blame on
those hand-wringing, very grey men.