Way Up !


A focussed ray beats my back
and blood is playing a war dance in my temples.
All muscles strain, sinews firm, preparing,
to commit the move.

No sound, just heat.
Heat in my arms, my fingers, my back, my legs.
Up there ... just five feet away,
and I've only two !
Steady now, breathe deep,
focus !

That Genetic rush builds in my stomach,
straining out, muscles explode and,
for that one short moment,
I defy the First Law.
Then, a gasp. Fingers slip, slimed with
sweat and dust.
That focus is on me now, all eyes watching.
A last chance; feet scrabbling like a
spider in a bath, they bite !
I grab the hold, safe !

Looking up now, I can see just five feet
beyond, a hold. It's a bit thin.
Deep breath, steel yourself !
There's no slime, slowly dripping in my
eyes; it's not there.
Nearly there now....
Ready ? Go !