WACO (Thoughts arising from a BBC documentary)


The Sun is shining high in the sky
and a skylark has just flown by
so close he nearly brushed me,
buzzing busily, a flirty bee.
And the town clock chimes one
but my daddy says "No, they're wrong,
trust your eyes,
it's High Noon son."

In the heat, amongst the grass,
just as the snake slithers past,
I see rows of ants about their work,
Soldier Ants and - oh, they sting me !
And Dad says, "yes, they bit you,
that's their way",
but for the Town's man, "nope, it's all
quiet. Just another warm Summer day."

And it is very hot, and tiring to move,
the Ants trundle round with something to

The garden looks in a mess but
in this atmosphere we have to rest.
And all the time this day seems
the man outside says not to worry.
He's bringing a gift of wine and
And just for us, a little CS.

We still know it's High Noon time,
we hear them better than the town bell chime,
Ok, so we're different to other folk,
but fire is still fire, and we can't
breathe smoke ....

This day's turned into a real scorcher,
stuck in here, in the cooker,
no relief, no cooling rain to soother
my peeled skin from the pain.
Too fast ! No time to change, make
goodbyes. Just enough time left to die.