I was a boy and felt;
tingling in my spine, resonating in my soul,
the enormity of it all.

Rising dark and majestic
with its paths selectively trodden,
I had come to know the seduction of

By a lake and up the track
that timeless miners traversed,
to the arÍte and on to the peak !
For me, a first.

It sits in my thoughts and
I imagine it on stormy nights,
muttering, bouncing tales from one end to the other.
With deep, staring pocks and huge bulging ribs,
what force on Earth could have pulled
this from the crib ?

As a man I remember
the urge to see the next corner.
Stones grind underfoot and gurgling
water falls to the floor, far below.
With luck I will return,
to see the mystery I yearn.