No Please ! Not D.I.Y. !


Plink, plink, plink.
Fwap, fwap; fwap, fwap,fwap.
We really must fix that cursed tap.
It's a foreign one and it's hard to discover,
exactly where to get the washers.
If you don't know an O-ring from a bell-ring,
and you thought a washer cleaned your clothes,
then like me,
you're in trouble.

So, you knuckle down, guidebook in hand,
and hope all will go as planned.
But no ! That's too easy.
You've got to flood the sink and
drench the floor;
that's obligatory.
Plink, plink, plink.
Fwap, fwap, fwap,
you stare at that repair resistant tap.

So when all is said and done,
let's reduce the pain and change it.
Lighter in the wallet but the salesman was kind,
I approach the sink, a tappyotomoy in mind.
All should be well, all the fittings are
but No !
The pipes are too long and the junctions
are all made; will we ever get to the end of this sorry tirade ?
It's time to give in, it's got the best of me.
Thank goodness for fathers, our
Household Cavalry.