Lament for a Young Man


"Fists are out of Fashion"; so I stuck him.
Like a pig, in the woods, I stuck him.
I don't know him,
but I hate him.
He comes from another tribe,
So I hate him.
He's all alone,
and I hate him.
I've got this bayonet,
Yes ! I've stuck him good.

"You ! You did this !"
"We know you did. We caught you,
with this bayonet under your crib."
"No Sir ! Not me !"
"Yes Sir, you ! You used this spike,
and without remorse, snuffed his life".
"I'm young. I've never been bad before,
I love my dog, I'm too young and pure.
Don't hurt me !"
"Quite right, you're young, we can't
waste your life. Go now and be good,
repent that man's fate."

Lords you must act !
What can be done ?
Make an example, save the next one.
Violence is like houses, it has a strong
base. Built up with blood and bones,
mortar and brick.
Lords, sort this out, your Nation is sick.