The young boy stares and he thinks 'why die ?',
The young girl stares and she thinks 'why die ?'.
The people look on, and they think 'why
did she die ?'
The young woman, Ferida, had a reason to
die, not cry ... her pain was beyond weeping.

His father was executed by Serb wolves
and her mother knew a pain which could not
be called,
by anything in a language name.
Their eyes, dark and round are piercing and
emotionally they are very cold.

She left her children in Tuzla town,
late at night, in her shroud gown.
What was in her mind, what pain beyond
bearing ? To choose to end it all by
hanging ? Whatever it was will never be
know, that terrible suffering in Tuzla Town.

To see the full stort of Ferida Osmanovic, click here : Ferida Osmanovic article from The Times July 10 1996.jpg