Doing The Black


8:00 AM, and I'm tense, doing it today.
10:00 AM, what am I doing today ? Bury it ...
12:00 AM, yep,it's today ... I'm doing the Black,
When I start, there's no turning back.

3:00 PM, it's getting near, bah dum ! Be still heart !
5:00 PM, Oh my, time to stretch, go to look
my best, be the part.

7:00 PM, Here we go ! Basics now; punch,
backfist, punch, Ok, no ! a mistake, concentrate !
Ok, we're through that,
now kata, come on, breathe !
I can't, all muscles locked,
application, going well, looks
I need a rest !
But no ! You must fight ... Ok,
I've survived ... no, no fight
another one !

I'm still standing, head
up ! I'm hot ! Can't breathe,
I've done the Black.