A Sunny Day in the Balkans


In slow rolling waves,
a frightfull mist of misery billows in from the Adriatic.
Coastal towns are covered, and who can tell
what happens under that shroud ?
The killers are at it.

And we claim that we want to save them.
We try to shelter them with UNPROFOR.
But still the Bosnian Serbs keep coming,
and still we try to change this land's shape.
Perhaps it's time to let loose with Snake and 'Nape ?

But we can't do that.
We are civilised peacekeepers.
But where is the peace ?
Like Leningrad, Sarajevo stands as the frame of its past.
The buildings are battered by the gun's heavy blast.
Her people are slaughtered like cattle.
And still the peacekeepers prattle.

Murder, and rape, and ethnic cleansing;
these acts should have been extinct with
the Third Reich's ending.
'Thou shalt not kill' the Lord God said.
the women are weeping, and they too,
may soon be dead.