It started with the usual Summer snow shower.
The night before it had rained, hard,
and those drops had frozen to the spot,
like crystalline flowers.
The snow stopped and the wind dropped,
and the air was still;
still full of Northern bite.
Our warming Jet Stream must have taken flight.

At eleven the Sun came out,
soon all the snow collapsed and ran away.
The flowers withered and died
and I basked in the rays.
What a strange day !

A little after two the wind blew again, for a while;
then got bored and stopped.
Some sleet soon followed, saluted by hail,
It caught me outside,
I felt so frail !

It's good that I'm adaptable.
It'll be fun learning to breathe
I think we're in for a blazing hot Winter
so I'm stocking up on Sun block,
Aren't you ?