Children playing sweet games in the rest between the rain
bring soothing music to the conscience of an old man's pain,
and comforting memories flit and join
in imagination of loving accord,
and all belongs to the Lord.

Teenagers turning the soil endure all weathers,
and hands, once soft, produce hard leathers.
Their talk is harsh and funny,
their work too hard for Truths to be told,
and all work for the Lord.

Ageing folk tend their flocks
and try to salve their children's knocks.
The Preacher-Man sometimes knows what to say,
to make the loss less of a misery,
while people strive for the Word.

There may be food to boil
in waters filtered from oil-bound streams that fill the land.
The oldest man can remember a life beyond the hand,
and the real Lord now delivers
pure Love for those who are still Man.