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Stories and Creative Writing
   from Lee Russell

"... exploring the intersections of
Love and Beliefs
in times of Adversity..."

Future Visions
Re-published on the Kindle in July 2016

Over 750 views from this website before publication...

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© Lee Russell
Published under a Creative Commons "Attribution - Non-Commercial - NoDerivs 2.0 England and Wales" license

This collection of short stories includes writing from 2005 to 2012. The tales presented here are a balance of later, more fully-developed stories and earlier, less-developed pieces that are included so you can enjoy the ideas.

In "The Blessed Light" we witness the interplay between terrorism and politics at a mining station on Titan.

"Bunker" looks at life in a survival shelter where the necessary resources for life are becoming increasingly scarce and existence in a virtual world is far more pleasant than their gasping reality.

"Labouring for New UK" illustrates a possible future that could spring from a fascist government hiding in left-wing colours.

"See Jon Swim" places a group of survivors on a floating mining platform on Enceladus. When a massive storm threatens the platform will the native lifeform be able to warn them?

"Dining with Mr Reeves" is an experimental story looking at what being 'human' could mean to people what had been completely adapated to live on Mars as natives.

"Skin" takes the worlds of fashion and medicine to perhaps the ultimate level of depravity. Why just try to look as good somebody else when you could actually become them, for a price...

In "Deep Trouble" an explosion in a deep sea station some 2 miles under the Atlantic Ocean sets the scene for a survival struggle between research scientists in and a very primeval organism.

"Bright Dawn" is a much earlier work that looks at the creation of parallel realities through a high-energy physics experiment.

and finally, in "Dream Walking" an apparently comatose victim of crime devises an ingenuous high-tech method for taking his revenge.

(c) Lee Russell. All materials are copyright Lee Russell and may not be amended or distributed without prior permission.

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