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Revised artwork for DS Kindle cover

Ordering 'Dead Snow':

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Published 1st March 2017:

Dead Snow returns to the future society I created in my short story In The Web (available for Free Download from this website).

Would You Release The Virus?

After three hundred years of conflict, global leaders have deliberately stalemated the New Cold War. While they enjoy the comforts remaining in their post-industrial world, most people live in the shadows of the huge Mega-Plex buildings. Hungry, denied healthcare and education, these Outsiders can only dream of leaving the slums and becoming a `Plex-man.

Mertin Dourif, a scientist in the Ramsgate `Plex, discovers the truth when he dies and his consciousness transfers onto the bio-web. Gaining access to all of the `Plex's hidden secrets, he realises that revolution is possible if he can arrange for a weapon called 'Dead Snow' to be used against the íCommies in Antarctica,

and he has a plan...

Dead Snow is a near-future, Social Science Fiction, Adventure story.

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