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"... exploring the intersections of
Love and Beliefs
in times of Adversity..."

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Soldiers NEWS: I'm really excited to announce that the first draft of "Evil Eye - A Lissa Blackwood Thriller", the opening book in my new series of Conspiracy Thrillers, has been completed!

Research for the book began towards the end of 2016, planning lasted until about May 2017, and an initial draft was completed in August 2018. I quickly realised that there was a structural problem in that initial draft which has then taken four months to fix. I'm very pleased to have taken that extra time to get this first draft completed because the story is now a lot stronger!

I'm loving writing in this new genre and enjoying the adventures that these wonderful characters are having!

portrait NEWS: 21/7/18 - A walk across London in the footsteps of the Head of SIG, Colonel Peter Carson, DSO with Bar, MC
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Book 2 should be completed more quickly as much of the initial preparation for the series is already in place. In the meantime I'm looking for beta readers for 'Evil Eye' and starting to think about seeking an agent to help me sell the books... exciting times!
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Lissa Blackwood is a thirty-one year old covert warfare specialist who describes herself as “a strong, fierce warrior!”

Craig Ballard is her forty-two year old team leader. Married with two children, Ballard is a Special Boat Service sniper, explosives and survival expert.

Blackwood and Ballard are SIG’s top agents. With terrorists threatening the whole of Europe, only they can stop The Players and save the lives of millions.

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Struggling to survive, being human is their biggest weakness.

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A fast-paced SF Thriller set in the New Cold War.

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Cover for Future Visions This collection of short stories includes writing from 2005 to 2012. The tales presented here are a balance of later, more fully-developed stories and earlier, less-developed pieces that are included so you can enjoy the ideas.

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Cover for In The Web An SF short story, first published in Jupiter SF magazine, issue #34

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Cover for Swimming in the FastWarm Current An SF short story, first published in Jupiter SF magazine, issue #27

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