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portrait Creative Writing
      from Lee Russell.

         - Science Fiction author

A graduate in Planetary Sciences and sometimes amateur astronomer, I have life-long interests in the exploration of our solar system and top quality Science Fiction.

I love writing near future, hard-edged fiction that explores how people react in times of conflict.

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'1st April 2017: DEAD SNOW' has been published on the Amazon kindle.

Final kindle artwork for Dead Snow cover

The book is now available in e-book and paperback formats.

Final kindle artwork for Dead Snow cover

Ordering 'Dead Snow':

You can buy the Kindle e-book from or

The paperback is available on Amazon UK,, or my US CreateSpace store

Dead Snow returns to the future society I created in my short story In The Web (available for Free Download from this website).

A few well-motivated people can change the world.

After three hundred years of conflict, global leaders have deliberately stalemated the New Cold War. While they enjoy the comforts remaining in their post-industrial world, most people live in the shadows of the huge Mega-Plex buildings. Hungry, denied healthcare and education, these Outsiders can only dream of leaving the slums and becoming a `Plex-man.

Mertin Dourif, a scientist in the Ramsgate `Plex, discovers the truth when he dies and his consciousness transfers onto the bio-web. Gaining access to all of the `Plex's hidden secrets, he realises that revolution is possible if he can arrange for a weapon called 'Dead Snow' to be used against the ’Commies in Antarctica,

and he has a plan...

Dead Snow is a near-future, Social Science Fiction, Adventure story.


I'm really excited about writing in that world again and the final story is fantastic!

Follow my blog for updates.

Final artwork for cover

Ordering An End of Beginnings

Buy the Kindle e-book from

Buy the paperback from Amazon UK or my US CreateSpace store ( to follow shortly)

Published 1st June 2016:

In 2122 a spacecraft is detected, approaching the Earth from inter-galactic space.

Called 'Charybdis', it is so massive that its arrival will destroy all life in the solar system.

It is broadcasting a rich data signal but will not answer our messages.

Only one small group of workers at a mining station on Titan stand a chance of reaching it and finding safety.

Can they find a way to make Charybdis their new home?

And what will the the mysterious 'Pilot' do if they succeed?

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Stories published on this website are released under my Silver Tree TM imprint.   Silver Tree logo © Lee Russell

The stories published on this website are entirely a work of fiction. The names, characters and incidents portrayed in them, other than those clearly in the public domain, are the work of the author's imagination. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, or actual events is entirely coincidental.

In The Web - 2011
PUBLISHED in Jupiter SF #34

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© Lee Russell
Published under a Creative Commons "Attribution - Non-Commercial - NoDerivs 2.0 England and Wales" license

Set in the Isle of Thanet in south-east England, this story collates some ideas that have been brewing in me over the past few years. Thanet is a very deprived area of the UK but its urgent need for help doesn't seem to penetrate far enough into civil society. The towns and villages are home to some lovely people but the decline of most forms of primary economic activity is slowly rotting the area from the core out.

People in Thanet must wonder sometimes if the wider world cares about them - in this story one privileged man has to confront his prejudices about these people. How will that experience change him?

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Future Visions
Re-published on the Kindle in July 2016

Over 750 views from this website before publication...

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This collection of short stories includes writing from 2005 to 2012. The tales presented here are a balance of later, more fully-developed stories and earlier, less-developed pieces that are included so you can enjoy the ideas.

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Swimming in the FastWarm Current - 2009
PUBLISHED in Jupiter SF #27

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© Lee Russell
Published under a Creative Commons "Attribution - Non-Commercial - NoDerivs 2.0 England and Wales" license

I love this story and feedback on it has been very positive. It considers an extremely radical solution for human survival after the planet is devastated by over-exploitation of its natural resources. After thousands of years spent inside other animals' bodies, will people remember how to be "human" again? I was completely surprised by the ending of this tale when it turns out to be a cliche-free tale of true love. - review of Jupiter SF issue 27: "Russell is another first-time author and he shows quite a bit of talent here." - review of Jupiter SF issue 27: "An engaging story, swimmingly good!"

SF - review of Jupiter SF issue 27: "...[the story is] rather nice, if again fairly conventional. The revealed history is enjoyable."

Jupiter SF #27 blog, 21/1/10: "... Lee Russell's first story, a wonderful piece which shows he's got a great future ahead of him."

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Moon Dive - 2007

I had great fun writing this tale. I'd just finished reading Martin Farr's book on Cave Diving when I started to wonder what it would be like to take that sport out into the solar system. I was also fascinated at this time with an image of Saturn's moon Hyperion,showing a shadowy grey and strangely mottled surface.

Update - 25/04/11: The story has so far accrued 3 rejections with comments that it is interesting and somebody will probably want to publish it. Finding that "somebody" become too time-consuming so this story was merged with "Deep Trouble" in a major red-edit. The original "Moon Dive" story has been mothballed and will not be released here. The first draft of this short story is still in its early stages

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Nowhere to Go - published here in 2011

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A pretty straight forward "coping with disaster" story from 2006. This is an early 2006 piece and by no means my best work. It mostly allowed me to start thinking about plot development and characterisation, as well as exorcising a few personal demons on the way.

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